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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  February 23, 2013 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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♪ love to me, yeah. ♪ get up on your feet, yeah. ♪ step to the beat. ♪ boy, what will it be? ♪ get into the groove. ♪ boy you've got to prove your ♪ love to me, yeah. ♪ get up on your feet, yeah. ♪ step to the beat. ♪ boy, what will it be? ♪ you've got to get into the ♪ groove. next on "abc 7 news" at 9:00. nascar crash injuries 30 people in the stands an hour before the race. m.c. hammer arrested and the
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amazing video captured by dash cams in russia.
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good evening, i'm bait baits. 33 people were injured in a nascar race when a crash sent people went into the fence. several cars collided impact sent a car into the air. laugh a part was ripped apart. crews have since fixed the
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fence. daytona 500 will go ahead as scheduled tomorrow. >> new details in the death aspiring oakland rapper kenny cherry, jr.. they tracked down a black range rover. they found it at an apartment complex east of the las vegas strip. they are looking for a 26-year-old man. two others were killed when the car he was driving crashed into a taxi. >> police are searching for the people who fired shots at an a.c. transit bus overnight. it happened at 55th and international boulevard other night. none the passengers was struck by gunfire but some of them had minor injuries after trying to escape the shots. a gun buy-back was so popular ra it ran out of money.
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they collected 350 firearms. >> police officers from east palo alto, palo alto and men row park stacked the weapons. it was held in the east palo alto parking lot. they paid up to 100 for a handgun and 300 for an assault weapon. >> he had $14001400. >> i wanted to get them out of zblous people waited more than an hour to turn into guns, including high powered weapons and assault rifles. the money was funded by private money by a group called protect the chin. the guns were collected here, over in palo alto they held a anti-violence gun rally. a former teacher that came to help. >> it's for my grandchildren. i want to keep the world safe
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for them and guns is not the way to do it of them need to get them off the streets. >> jackie speier told the more than two dozen people attending the rally that nothing will get in the way of legislation. >> the time has come for us to not let the nra and other organizations to dictate what they wanted. >> $52,000 was all gone and left dozens of people holding on to their guns. >> i have a rifle and a shotgun that i just want to get rid of because i don't need it. >> in addition to $52,000, employs provided an extra $4,000 to complete the purchase of all 355 weapons. next gun buy-back be at santa clara county fairgrounds on march 2.
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>> a ma man is expected to survive after being severely burned in a house fire. it hapgsd in delong street. they pulled a man from the house. they rushed him to the hospital where he is being treated tonight. firefighters haven't said how the fire started. >> rapper m.c. hammer said an insulting question led to his arrest. they cited in his tweet. chubby elvis looking doord dude was tapping on my window. he said are you on parole or investigation. he had an expired registration and they say he would not answer whose car it was errand arrested him. he was booked on charges of resisting an obstructing an officer. >> there is no budget deal between the president and republicans. broad budget cuts called the at
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the questions terrify will take effect on friday unless they find other ways to close the budget gap. others say it's not that dramatic. >> reporter: president obama accuses republicans of flirting with financial calamity. >> thousands of teachers and educators will be laid off and tens of thousands of parents will have to scramble to find child care for their kids. air traffic controllers and airport security will see cutbacks. >> with automatic spending cuts referred as the sequester, the white house says on military might becomes second rate if the cuts are allowed to take effect. furloughed workers could mean forest fires burning unwhich checked and fewer inspectors could mean meat shortages. republicans accuse the president of fear tactics. >> house republicans have passed two bills to replace the sequester, why won't he work with us? the answer is he wants higher
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taxes. >> the republican group have posted an ad with his dire prophecies. one prediction with flight controllers, travelers could face 90 minute lines at airports but the department of transportation will lose just a billion dollars from a $74 billion budget. overall the budget cuts would amount to just 2.3% of federal spending. >> the white house doesn't like these cuts. they shouldn't like them. there are better ways to do this but they are trying to scare people to do something different. >> reporter: because government workers must give 30 days notice of unpaid leave the effects of furloughs would probably not be felt until april. >> the video that captured the russian meteor has drawn attention to nation's dash cams and wild moments recorded on russian roads.
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which mid-sized bay area city was named as the 6th most miserable in the nation. and we'll look at the new workplace made by yahoo that has angered a few employees. >> clear sky right now. winds are c
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>> ama: vallejo has been named one of the nation's most miserable cities to live in. forbes named it as sixth most miserable. unemployment, violent crime, home prices and taxes. vallejo made the lesson because of a high foreclosure rate. no more working for home at
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yahoo. ceo fired off a memo that all employees will have to work from their local offices beginning in june. she says it's important for communication and collaboration. it will only impact a few hundred employees but several of them have voiced their anger to that website. >> hollywood is rolling out the red carpet for oscar night. crews spent the day getting the dolby theater ready for the top prize. abc7 is the only place to watch the show. our live coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. backstage pass feature will g you the best access with a dozen cameras streaming from behind the scenes. get the oscar experience available for the ipad, iphone and kindle fire. and virtual oscars party on the
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facebook page tomorrow. just like us on facebook and hang out with pa9d,000 bay area fans to post your opinion on fashion flops and surprises. >> dash cams mounted in russian cars showed up several views of a massive meteor that yard into earth. that isn't the only amazing things, some of the wild moments seen on russian roads. it was clear and crisp in the bay area. leigh glaser is up next with the accu-weather forecast. >> sharks struggle continues. once again, offense combined with shaky defense ninth loss im
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recent meteor crash in russia was captured on cameras on mounted on cars. why do they have so many of them. >> it's not every day you catch a falling star like this massive meteor last week. these are the latest images but in russia you would be surprised you can catch on tape. crazy scenes on the reckless roads. >> reported on dash cams that are exploding in popularity in russia. they are used for insurance reasons but it's going viral on youtube. the crashes, death-defying smashes and the truly bizarre. real life road we're years from
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helicopters to tanks. from roadside fighting to jets. this camera even caught a plane crash. the cameras aren't just for creating youtube cameras but they are ma mainly for to be find out who is at fault in an accident. police were able to use this video to look for the culprit. >> it's over a phone. >> and the cameras also catch crooked cops and insurance scams like this man who may have been trying to get hit by a car. we took one for a test drive with editor and chief of auto review magazine. >> how do i explain these to americans? >> these are more and more popular.
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>> they are shaming drivers into better behavior. if you compare it to five to ten years ago, then you'll see. >> even so it's a good idea and keep a sharp eye on the road. >> ama: it's crazy watching that. nothing crazy about our weather. it's nice out. >> seven days no rain, we do need some rain and going enter march like a lamb and exit like a lion but expect dry conditions and gradually getting to warm things up. live doppler showing you clear conditions and we want to show you a beautiful shot. this is high definition east bay cam, looking toward the bay bridge and san francisco in the background. here is a look at high today. napa was the winner at 63
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degrees and at 59 in san francisco international, 60 and 57 in san jose and monterey topped out at 54 degrees. here is a look at high definition rooftop cam from the embarcadero. 52 in san francisco. 45 in petaluma. livermore, 47 degrees. higher elevations where we are right now atop mount tamalpais looking down on richardson bay, san francisco in the background, winds still up, it was northwesterly winds that get the chill in the air. those winds are starting to die down a little bit the 51 in fairfield and gilroy, 46 degrees. here is a look at the forecast as we continued through the evening hours, clear sky and the wind will start to die down overnight. more sunshine for your sunday and less wind and temperatures will be a little warmer and get ready for a string of mild days as we heading into next week. calm winds and numbers will come
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down overnight tonight. mid to upper 30s. it will be cold in those locations. elsewhere, mid to low 40s near san francisco, only as well as the richmond area. high pressure continuing to build in. this is the storm track. it will slowly begin to lift and next couple of days look for more sunshine tomorrow. warmer temperatures and as we head into wednesday, thursday and friday, this high is going to amplify itself. kick it well into canada and that is going mean temperatures around the bay area climbing into the mid to low 70s by the latter part of next week. l.a., lots of sunshine, 70 degrees there. april in san diego and sacramento warming to 66 degrees. highs for your sunday, 65 for h. at the coast we'll keep it breezy with upper 50s. mountain view, 64. san francisco, 59.
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daly city, 56. you'll warm a few more degrees than when you were this afternoon. 64, clearlake. napa, 64 degrees. newark, 63. temperatures in east bay, antioch, 64. accu-weather seven-day forecast, sunny and mild for your monday and then we're going warm things up thursday and friday. spring like and in the 70s but dry. >> ama: thank you so much. shu is here. sharks were doing so well during the superbowl. >> that is true. nothing is clicking and as a result they have dropped nine of the last ten games. joe thornton scored a few punches but it didn't help the sharks. 1-0 stars. another stars' power play 2-0.
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sharks power play, finally get one. patric marleau gets one and joe thornton called, questionable call but no goal. stars win it 3-1 is your final. >> college hoops and cal bears have been playing oregon. they this hosted by oregon state. they need to keep the wins coming. montgomery open the gameith a huge slam by richard salamon. justin cobb gets the three. cal up by 3. that is a difficult shot. he had 18. four seconds left in the game. cal up by one.
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ahmaad, he needs to make a bucket. cal wins the fifth straight 60-59 improving 18-9. >> stanford hosted by 23rd oregon. 7 boards for the ducks gets this to go in. he hooks up and here is the alley-oop. 77-76 that father-in-law. >> st. mary's hosting creighton. from beyond the ark he had 19. here is four points and gets the foul. st. mary's gets a win purging their ticket to the big dance. defending world champions giants, ron vogelsong, he pitched two scoreless innings. giants win 4-1.
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vogelsong one of the ten giants participating in the baseball classic that starts on march 2nd and he is looking forward to representing team zbluasmt it will definitely be fun. that is one of the cool things on it. guys are going face each other, it would be neat if we can get to the finals in san francisco. then we get to play and face each other. it will be a good experience. >> and final at at&t park, a's and milwaukee, sausage racing, of course. homers in his first half. solo shot off chavez. brewers go up 1-0. this starts the double play but brewers will go on to win the opener, 2-1 the final. >> the tee it up and match play outside of tucson, the tournament was delayed due to snow.
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we pick it up with the quarter finals and picture perfect day on the course. match play, facing steve stricker, first putt and reads it perfectly. pours it right in. moves in the semis on monday. thanks to this birdie putt. he will face jason bey and finals set for sunday. >> and harbaugh brothers are speaking again. at the combine in indianapolis. weight lifting and third in the 40 yard dash. he has lot more speed in the field. he should be second round pick in the n.f.l. draft. in the n.f.l. draft. more coming up at 11:00, jim [ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
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